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Complexity Zoo for iPad

I’m currently working on an iPad application for Complexity Zoo. Motivation 1: I want to learn iOS programming. Motivation 2: Take for example the result MA=NEXP if and only if NEXP in P/poly. Which class do you think mentions this … Continue reading

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Complexity Zoo Wordle

Complexity Zoo is a collection of complexity classes, where you can learn a lot about relationships among various classes. I wrote a program to count the number of links to each class from other classes. As expected, NP is the king.

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First signature

Last evening, my 7-year-old son was alone at home (for a reason). Unfortunately or fortunately, a postman came to deliver a package. He opened the door and signed the receipt for the first time in his life. He told us … Continue reading

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iPad as a family device

When I was a child, a task assigned usually to children was to hand his/her father the newspaper every morning. My 3-year-old son hands me my iPad every morning (because he wants to watch a YouTube video). It’s yet another … Continue reading

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