Submission to AppStore

I have just submitted Complexity Zoo for iPad to AppStore.

Memo for myself

AppBinary includes

  • all icon files
  • Entitlements.plist
  • ComplexityZoo-Info.plist

I followed the iOS Developer Program PDF file (Standard Program User Guide for iOS 4 Version 2.7 2010-09-01) to build the app for distribution.

Create and Download an iOS Distribution Certificate

  • Used KeyChain to create a certificate request (setting the common name to be empty)
  • Downloaded the certificate and found that the common name is set to be “iPhone Distribution: SATOSHI HADA”

Create and Download a Distribution Provisioning Profile

  • Selected “AppStore”
  • Used the “wildcard” app id.
  • Just double-clicked the profile file to install it for Xcode

Build your final application in Xcode
Target Summary is the following

  • Bundle Identifier = com.satoshih.ComplexityZoo
  • Version = 1.0
  • Devices = iPad
  • Deployment Target = 4.3

Then, I followed the iTunes Connect Developer Guide (Version 6.6 2011-03-02) to submit it to AppStore.

Primary Lang=English
Company Name=Satoshi Hada
AppName=Complexity Zoo for iPad
SKU Number=BundleIDSuffix=com.satoshih.ComplexityZoo
Availability Date=
didn’t have to select a country (by default. will be for sale in all app stores worldwide)

also, input several metadata, 512*512 icon, and screen shot.

Now the status is “Prepare for Upload”

Encryption is “NO”

Now the status is “Waiting For Upload”

Used “Application Loader” to upload the binary zip (with no error).

Now the status is “Waiting For Review”

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