Complexity Zoo for iPad

An iOS viewer for Complexity Zoo. The app name says that it’s for iPad, but it is actually a universal application and runs on iPhone and iPod touch.

Value Added

You can
*view the zoo contents offline;
*understand which classes are referenced by which classes;
*search for a keyword


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AppStore Link



  1. Launch the application. It will automatically start to download the Zoo pages. You can refresh the contents anytime later. Please make sure that your iPad can reach the Zoo server.
    • Downloaded pages include Symbols, A,B,…, Z, and References. You should be able to view them offline (Zoo Garden and Glossary were added in Version 1.3.0).
  2. Then, select a complexity class from the index and you will see the description.
    • If you select a class A, you will see not only A but also all other classes having links to A.
    • When you click a reference like [Tod89], a dialog will show up.
  3. Tips
    1. In the Settings, you can choose the font size of Zoo pages.
    2. If you touch the image on the Info dialog, you can see a ranked list of complexity classes.
    3. When you download an update, please refresh the Zoo contents by clicking the refresh button at the left bottom corner of the Index view.

Known Issues

  • Some class names in the Index view are not correctly displayed. E.g., <sub> and <sup> tags are not supported (This was fixed in Version 1.3.0 using DTCoreContext).
  • If the HTML syntax of Zoo pages changes, the application will not work.


I will welcome any comment and suggestion (mailto : satoshi dot hada at gmail dot com).


3 Responses to Complexity Zoo for iPad

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  2. sins13 says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the app. Yet, it is not available in App Store Germany: actually, it looks like it is only available in the US store. Would’ve been great to have it in major stores! Cheers!

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